SAP’s Evangelism on Web 2.0 & Web 3.0

My intention in writing this blog is to collate the tools available from SAP on Web 2.0.

As everyday in life we are talking about communities, social networking, intention is to showcase how enterprises can leverage on this using the tools provided.

Web 2.0 and SAP:

How Web 2.0 started:

As O’ReillyMedia’s first Web 2.0 conference in late 2005 gave us the gyan on steps, procedures and behavior of semantic web.  The term seemed to cornet a kind of online revolution, a World Wide Web of the people.

Web 2.0 came to describe sites, services, or technologies that promoted sharing and collaboration right down to the Net’s grassroots. That includes blogs and wikis, tags and RSS feeds.

How SAP is using it:

As SAP promised tools on Web 2.0, SAP delivered products and services with the use of Web 2.0 within SAP. I tried listing some of the tools available.

1.   SAP community Network and workspace – one of the industry’s best network for the ecosystem

2.  SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated – lets you browse through billions of rows of corporate data as easily as you browse the web, using innovative  memory-resident analytics coupled with an interface that automatically proposes appropriate analyses.

3.     SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius – provides attractive, interactive dashboards that can be seamlessly integrated into everyday business activities Integrated on demand BusinessObjects analytics with Jive software.

4.     Usage of data onAugmented conversations with Googlewave
Gravity Prototype

5.     SAP Streamwork

6.     Integration of SAP’s CRM solutions with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Social Network Analyzer

7.   Rooftop Marketplace

What is the future?

Now let’s see how SAP can evangelize on Web 3.0

In a nutshell, SAP is looking at business software with a semantic web theme.

In essence, the Semantic Web is all about machines reading Web pages much as we humans read them, search engines and software agents can better troll the Net and find what we’re looking for. It’s a set of standards that turns the Web into one big database.

Now SAP can evangelize on Web 3.0 with next wave of computing ‘In-Memory Solutions by extending already delivered solutions without business disruption.

My point of view:

As web is already going on cloud, it will be a good idea to sell apps with cloud.


Venkat is an Open Group Certified TOGAF 9 Enterprise architect and a SAP consultant, working on design and implementation of SAP Netweaver portal. Web developer by nature, passionate about Web 2.0 and Social Media. Involved in Solution architecting around SAP Netweaver technologies using Service oriented architecture and Web 2.0. He always tries to be on top with emerging technologies and best practices, helps clients in understanding the use of emerging technologies.

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