Now its business on networking

In today’s changing IT needs we are focused on Applications that largely focuses on productivity, Productivity Apps are group of programs that are sold as a package for solving common problems. They are set of a business programs designed with a uniform user interface and common functions. To look at some of the example productivity apps what we have for email functionality are Microsoft Office, Word Perfect Office, Lotus, Google Apps, and Zoho.

In today’s world where the ‘community’ aspect of the internet is over-emphasized and it’s only logical when we have productivity apps that can incorporate the aspect. Business is about interactions with your network and productivity, largely depends on how best one can source and manage these interactions whether these interactions are with consumers, buyers, suppliers or with internal employees for a firm. Productivity apps allow such interactions within the context of an application much better than desktop software ever could. The models in which the productivity and community aspects of enterprise can be developed is having social features with productivity apps, let’s look at how social networking adds value to the productivity apps.

When we look at the future of web applications, I think of the more obvious model, apps with social features, with engaged user base. Most general-purpose social networks primarily serve as a place for entertainment and casual connections but productivity apps can solve use cases like:

CRM on a social network: Enables small businesses to engage with their clients and keep a tab of the latest updates at their client’s end with relevant analytics. CRM apps, in particular, plug into your existing social networks to update customer information on the app based on his live feeds. Hence, if your customer is also a friend on Face book, all details relevant to him will be analyzed and extracted from his feed and added to the app.

Partner management: These apps work more on niche social networks that are targeted towards business networking where partners can get involved in the discussions and review and so on..

HR management: especially those into recruitment management are closely integrated with LinkedIn to manage a constant inflow of leads based on the HR exec’s requirements.

In a broad perspective, the model Productivity apps with Social features brings analytics around what customers, buyers, suppliers and internal employees are saying and run marketing campaigns among target group so that more businesses come online, is the way to make business on networking.


Venkat is an Open Group Certified TOGAF 9 Enterprise architect and a SAP consultant, working on design and implementation of SAP Netweaver portal. Web developer by nature, passionate about Web 2.0 and Social Media. Involved in Solution architecting around SAP Netweaver technologies using Service oriented architecture and Web 2.0. He always tries to be on top with emerging technologies and best practices, helps clients in understanding the use of emerging technologies.

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