Open Group Conference on World Class EA and Cloud Computing.

The Open Group India Conference in Hyderabad featured several high Brainstorming sessions; some of the very interesting case studies took our complete attention for EA as a platform for connected government, role of architects in thinking different, building synthesis ability and conscious attempts to see the not-so-easily-apparent connections.

Federated cloud computing adoption, using multiple clouds for different applications to match business needs. Enterprise users don’t typically talk about federation per se; they speak in terms of application-specific and general business requirements, while this case proved how to take advantage of different clouds to get the computing performance they need, along with the desired service levels, scalability, and security and price points.

Internet of things also called Internet of objects, networked interconnection of everyday objects, IBM middle ware on security around the wireless network sensors with mobiles being the end point, I felt it was almost realization of Andy Mulholland’s Blog The ‘Internet of Things’ meets the ‘Web of Services’!

Mobile raised to the power cloud, with some interesting facts at an architecture level, spanning around mobile cloud paradigm by Ajit Paul “the power of increasingly sophisticated devices, larger form factors, increasing broadband penetration and the ability to have computing power on tap – it’s an exponential equation to the power ‘Cloud’.”


Venkat is an Open Group Certified TOGAF 9 Enterprise architect and a SAP consultant, working on design and implementation of SAP Netweaver portal. Web developer by nature, passionate about Web 2.0 and Social Media. Involved in Solution architecting around SAP Netweaver technologies using Service oriented architecture and Web 2.0. He always tries to be on top with emerging technologies and best practices, helps clients in understanding the use of emerging technologies.

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