I’d say BPM was around anyways……

In real life every object that we see is surrounded with Business Process Management, you can see it either “top down” or “bottom up”. As I’m writing this blog, I just wanted to convey that, my blog’s gonna be short and straight to the point so that I don’t confuse anyone and get confused my self. We do so much of BPM today, thinking that Apple as done so much better implementing BPM in a top down approach and SAP teaching us bottom up with master data being the clear focus. The other day when I was talking about this, couple of questions raised like, why do we need to implement? How do we implement? What are the benefits? All that I wanted to convey is you need to implement just because you want to work the best way, with better compliance, to get better benefits. Let’s stream line your process/business. I know that most people like an example, let’s take an example of a publishing client. 1. Procure material. 2. Print the book. 3. Publish the book. 4. Market the book. Your anyway doing all these from ages, how I can help you is to better implement the process. My answers: 1. Procure it globally “implement out side in”. 2. Your printing should be inside out “you save cost on printing”. Better manage your material. 3. Publishing, Anyway your doing it. 4. It’s broad, let’s do it inside out. This is all I had, I want to know the critics. Yet to read Real World BPM.


Venkat is an Open Group Certified TOGAF 9 Enterprise architect and a SAP consultant, working on design and implementation of SAP Netweaver portal. Web developer by nature, passionate about Web 2.0 and Social Media. Involved in Solution architecting around SAP Netweaver technologies using Service oriented architecture and Web 2.0. He always tries to be on top with emerging technologies and best practices, helps clients in understanding the use of emerging technologies.

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