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This is an era of web disruption, we will continue notice the digital revolution not only improving our experience and operations. Today, everything talk to each other in the end-user world, discussions and designs are revolving around developing and installing

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Design Thinking an Experimental Skill

The trend has started for several companies migrating to digitization, driven by a combination of high responsiveness and less complexity.  Rise of HTML5 technologies has given a unified platform to the developer communities for designing and developing cross platform Apps. 

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I wish i was an architect.. still aspiring!

I thought I was when I just got certified, and every other day I see people using the word even without knowing the depth of it. Just solutioning doesn’t make an architect. I tried to dig around to see and

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Working within the system

What i believe in is being your self and simplicity sells, there will be contradictory perspectives to each and every problem you try to solve when you think outside the system, working within the system helps you to come up with a

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Can we have a much faster collaboration?

I used facebook, gtalk, Skye, office communicator, same time, twitter, portal collaboration, yahoo chat and all sorts of chat engine’s but somehow everything seems to be on the same platform and same logic. And its almost like my grand ma.

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I’d say BPM was around anyways……

In real life every object that we see is surrounded with Business Process Management, you can see it either “top down” or “bottom up”. As I’m writing this blog, I just wanted to convey that, my blog’s gonna be short

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Architecting and Selling

I have been listening and learning from many leaders,its all about how you sell? Customers being first and how we land and expand? At times it is really easy when you know what your selling and how your selling? But

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