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I’d say BPM was around anyways……

In real life every object that we see is surrounded with Business Process Management, you can see it either “top down” or “bottom up”. As I’m writing this blog, I just wanted to convey that, my blog’s gonna be short

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BPM vs Netweaver BPM

I was covering the BPM space for a while before I moved on to Netweaver BPM, The repeat question I get asked is what is the difference between Open BPM Architecture and Netweaver BPM. Most people consider BPM as about

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How I use BPM/BRM in solution architecting.

There is a lot of information on sdn taking about the use of tools BPM/BRM, I was part of last teched for the hands on session and also I was part of the boot camp, where i could actually start

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How I use my TOGAF/SOA Skills in Solution Architecting around Netweaver Technologies.

My Experience: We have solutions for all aspects of a company’s operations from SAP, including customer relations, product lifecycles, supply chains, human resources and warehousing, And we help in combining these solutions to suite appropriate for each client. We get

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SAP’s Evangelism on Web 2.0 & Web 3.0

My intention in writing this blog is to collate the tools available from SAP on Web 2.0. As everyday in life we are talking about communities, social networking, intention is to showcase how enterprises can leverage on this using the tools

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